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A Supportive Hug

Mental Health Overview

Understanding Mental Health

When an individual grapples with a mental health disorder that is untreated, he or she is likely to be absent from work, lose wages, and be unable to perform to expectation at his or her job. Additionally, when the symptoms of a mental illness remain untreated, an individual may be unable to adhere to responsibilities at home, which can then bring about numerous interpersonal and familial issues. Those in such a circumstance should know, however, that help is available and that a mental health condition or conditions do not have to have such a negative impact on their lives.

Your EAP Services and Support is a free and confidential benefit that covers the employees, spouse, partner of one year or more, children, and adolescents up to age 21.

Your EAP Services and Support, a program that offers the support that those in the workforce need to live more satisfying and more productive lives, understands the detrimental effects that mental illness can have on individuals. For this reason, the services that Your EAP Services and Support offers are designed to help employees and their families receive the care they need to heal and recover from mental health concerns.


Recognizing Mental Health Symptoms

Being able to recognize the symptoms of a mental illness can be easy or difficult depending on numerous factors. The type of mental disorder, the severity of the symptoms present, and the resulting effect on an individual’s functioning can all impact the apparentness of such a concern. If you are worried that you or a loved one is suffering from a mental health disorder, it could be helpful to note if the following are present:

  • Changes in one’s physical appearance

  • Decreased functioning in one or more settings

  • Drastic shifts in mood

  • Failing to adhere to daily responsibilities due to one’s mood or drop in energy level

  • Intense feelings of worry or fear for seemingly no apparent reason

  • Perceiving something as real when evidence to the contrary exists

  • Posing a danger to oneself or others

  • Self-harm

  • Thoughts of death

  • Unexplained tearfulness

If one or more of the above is present, it could be beneficial to contact your human resources representative to learn how you can schedule an appointment for counseling services via LEAP Services and Support.


How Unmanaged Mental Health Can Impact the Workplace

Untreated mental health symptoms can cause a great deal of undue turmoil and stress within an individual’s life and in the lives of those around him or her. For many battling mental health concerns, the possibility of struggling in numerous settings is probable, which can significantly diminish an individual’s quality of life.

Within the workplace, more specifically, mental health concerns can have a severe impact. In fact, mental illness is one of the leading causes of disability in the workforce today. The reason for this has to do with the fact that those who are grappling with untreated mental illness symptoms often miss a great deal of work because of their distress, may experience more work-related accidents and need time off in order to recover, and/or need to miss work due to tending to their own mental health needs via treatment. Given these facts, it is important for a person to receive the supportive services he or she needs to learn to manage such symptoms in a manner that prevents one’s mental health concerns from impacting the various facets of life.


How Your EAP Services and Support Can Help

By accessing Your EAP Services and Support services through your employer, you and your loved ones stand to gain the invaluable services that can prevent mental health concerns from adversely impacting your life and your family members’ lives once and for all.

LEAP Services and Support is a free and confidential benefit that covers the employees, spouse, partner of one year or more, children, and adolescents up to age 21.

The following services are those that you and those you are closest to can benefit from:

  • Free counseling services

  • Work/life services

  • Legal services

  • Financial services

  • Health assessments, including those for mental health concerns

  • Informative articles

These services, as well as the others offered through Your EAP Services and Support, can help you and the individuals you care about receive the support, guidance, and therapeutic services needed to live without the devastation that can be elicited by mental health disorders.

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