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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

The EAP is a free benefit provided to help employees and their family members with personal problems that affect their lives. It is short-term counseling to address life issues that can interfere with a happy, productive life at home or work.


What kinds of issues can the EAP help with?

While we are not experts in every area of life, Your EAP Services and Support is prepared to help with most types of problems that an employee may face in their personal life:

  • Marriage and Family issues: Relationship problems, Parenting of children, Teenagers who are rebelling or experimenting with alcohol or drugs, Abusive Relationships.

  • Mental Health concerns: Depression, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Issues of suicide, Stress management, Codependency.

  • Alcohol and Drug abuse: Assessments, Referrals for treatment, Family consultations, DUI classes.

  • Financial issues: Gambling addictions, Credit issues, Budgeting.

  • Workplace issues: Job stress, Supervisor/employee conflict, Coping with change, Dealing with difficult coworkers.

If Your EAP Services and Support is not able to assist an employee directly with their specific issue we will refer the employee to another resource that can provide the needed assistance.


What does it cost me to use the EAP?

Using the EAP costs an employee nothing. The employer pays for the service by paying an annual fee to Your EAP Services and Solutions. It costs nothing extra for an employee to use the EAP. Every employee is encouraged to use the EAP for assistance at any time. There is nothing to sign up for, and nothing is deducted from your paycheck.


Will my employer know that I am seeking help through the EAP?

The service is confidential. Your EAP Services and Support does not report back to the employer or supervisor that a particular employee is using the EAP service.


Why does the employer provide the EAP service?

Personal problems can affect work performance. By allowing employees to seek help it is hoped that the issue will not hinder work performance. When an employee is struggling with a personal problem, it can lead to absenteeism, illness, tardiness, slow work performance, strained coworker relationships, and accidents on the job.


How many counseling sessions does the benefit provide?

Every employee, their spouse and dependent children can receive free & confidential counseling services. The number of sessions available is dependent on the agreement that your company has with Your EAP Services and Support. Please contact us to confirm how many sessions that we can provide you when you need assistance. The free sessions are authorized on a per-occurrence basis, so the benefit can be utilized more than once a year, if the employee is requesting for different issues.

If it is determined that through the EAP counseling process that longer term, or specialize care is needed, Your EAP Services and Support will assist you by referring you to another provider. There may be a cost to the employee for the services that we refer to. This service may be covered by health insurance, depending on the provider, and the type of issue needing assistance.


How long is an EAP session with Your EAP Services and Support?

Most sessions are about one hour in length. That is flexible depending on the specific need at each session.


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