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We offer more than your average EAP.

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We offer a full comprehensive list of services and supports that cover a wide variety of issues including:

Mental Health Wellness
Workplace Concerns
Substance Abuse
Family Concerns
Addiction Nature
Financial Issues

Organizations have long relied on traditional EAPs to handle their employees' mental health support, but often these EAPs come up short. On top of long wait times for appointments, inflexible treatment plans, and insufficient service offerings, there's an alarming lack of guidance for patients, the community and families. When an employee reaches out for help, there's a high likelihood they'll become confused or frustrated by the process, and not find the support that they need.


There are telltale signs that your EAP isn't cutting it, from having a subpar or non-existent program, inability to respond when needed, appointment unavailability to a general lack of employee engagement. Your EAP takes having an employee assistance program to another level.

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